Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mekelle University, a Unique Place for Higher Studies!

Mekelle is the northen most city in Tigray Regional State of northen part of Ethiopia. Mekelle is a fast developing city and attracting tourists from around the world due to its most favourable climate available on Earth! The Sun shines for all the 12 months in a year and the temperature that ranges between 8 to 27 degree Celcius, which is very favourable for healthy living. There are many historical attractions in Mekelle and around the city, which has been created as part of the historical developement of Mekelle.

   Mekelle University is one of the most suitable higher institution for higher studies in Africa. The University has three campuses which are located in different parts of Mekelle city. The Academic programs are diversified in order to satisfy the needs of the modern world. The Dept. of Earth Science belongs to the College of Natural and Computational Science, which is located in the Main Camopus which is known as 'Arid Campus.' The Earth Science department offers varied courses in geology and petroleum engineering. The theory and practical classess are conducted during the two semesters which fall in an academic year. The field work for geology students are conducted during the semester break in February and March in every year. Many of the geology and petroleum engineering graduates are now placed in different higher institutions in Ethiopia and abroad and also many are working in different organisations and private companies. The department has high potential to train the International students  in the field of geology and petroleum engineering.

Sedimentary mapping during February 2009


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    Sounds this blog is very informative and it gives inputs and understanding on the sedimentatry formations around the Mekelle as tourist attaction. I am a researchers and having interest to visit your University shortly to explore possibilities of research collaboration.

    I think, it is good job to keep posted something like this would add to third world to know more about your university and activities.
    Good Luck !!

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